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  • July27th

    Kaitlyn & Kevin Trailer

    Kevin’s father, Mike, said it best… “This is no surprise that this is happening today.” It was clear from the earliest stages to those closest to Kaitlyn and Kevin, that these two would one day tie the knot. What loved ones could not have predicted however, was how it would take place in such elegant fashion. The beautiful, vintage artistry displayed at the Green Gable Estates was GORGEOUS, right down to every last detail. From the moment we walked into the venue it felt as if we were on a classic movie set.

    Did we mention this was a family affair? On this special day, Matron of Honor, Kourtney Weseloh (married to Kevin’s brother Mark), officially became Kaitlyn’s “sister-in-law.” Listening to her speech about how she helped Kevin plan his first date with Kaitlyn, which then lead to her and Kaitlyn becoming best friends and eventually family, was definitely one of the highlights of the day. Part of this speech can be seen in the trailer (bring your tissue box). We’re not done with the family ties… Auteur Weddings’ team member, Jesse Weseloh, is the cousin of Kevin Weseloh, so we had the honor of being a part of this special day in so many ways. While Jesse was constantly resisting the temptation to be a part of the capturing process, we had other members of the Auteur Weddings’ team present to make sure not one detail was missed.

    This vintage wedding was unforgettable in so many ways, from the antique wedding favors, to the awesome, confetti-filled, send off. Watching Kevin and Kaitlyn drive away into the night in their 1936 Chevrolet felt less like an ending to a classic film, and more like the beginning of a beautiful marriage.

  • June29th

    Michelle & Greg Trailer

    From the day we met Michelle and Greg, it was instantly evident that they are indeed soul-mates. Every look between the two of them seems to be loving, assuring and almost telepathic. It was as if these two always knew what the other was thinking; their minds joined in emotion and thought. But when the big day finally arrived, there was no question: Greg was made for Michelle and Michelle for Greg. Like every couple they had their usual excitement of the day and what it would bring, but both exhibited a strange calm about themselves as though they were just heading over to a friends house.

    But once they locked eyes on the aisle, they both seemed ever-so-slightly shifted from the calm foundation they rested on throughout the day. Their love and friendship is subtle but palpable as Michelle makes her way to Greg. They’re vows they wrote to one another matched that subtle and powerful tone they carried through the day. They’ve allowed themselves to be vulnerable yet peaceful with one another and it showed immensely.

    Uniting as one when home is on two opposites sides of the country, brings a great calm strength to the two of them. The support for one another is incredible and it was great to see each family supporting one another as well. One of the best moments was during the grand entrance when Greg came out dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothing for the groom called the Ao Dai. It was a surprise to both families as they jumped in shock and cheer, excited to see the uniting of two people who were indeed meant to share their lives together. It was a wedding we will never forget.

  • April27th

    Justin & Jini Trailer

    The wedding of Justin and Jini was incredibly fun to shoot. There was so much style, class and culture all in one place that it made our job simple: point & shoot. There was a beauty in the joining of these two families and the love was no doubt mutual. With tears coming from many including the two fathers, it was clear that both families not only approved this day but encouraged it.

    The ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Westin Hotel at South Coast. As families began to arrive, there was a plethora of traditional colorful hanboks and dresses as delicious appetizers and drinks were served outdoors just steps away from the waiting ceremony location. Notes of congratulations and advice were written from each guest as they walked into the lounging area. The ceremony was simple and elegant with parts spoken in Korean with a translator along side.

    Once Justin and Jini were officially husband and wife, all the guests headed into the reception tent. Bright purple uplights lined the walls to front and center where the bride & groom’s names were projected on a modern wave-textured wall. Tall pink, white and purple flower arrangements centered every table along with silver accented plates with elegant dinner menus. Jini & Justin made a surprise grand entrance once all the guests had a chance to settle at their respective tables. The room stood up and cheered as they made their way to their first dance. The dancing seemed to have never stopped. Most seats were empty as the dance floor was full of fun energy and celebration long into the night! Congrats to you both Justin & Jini and thank you for allowing us to participate on such and important a profound day.

  • September29th

    Mayra & Oscar Trailer

    As the story goes allegedly, when seahorses find their mate, they are monogamous to the very end. This served as the foundation of the theme for this beachside wedding. Mayra & Oscar both have the same taste in dance music and their love of the genre was the catalyst in bringing them together.

    The simple yet elegant ceremony took place at the La Palma beachside restaurant just as the set began its decent. The sounds of crashing waves served as the backdrop as these two sealed their commitment to one another. The reception followed immediately after while live music played in the bar area. The newly Mr. and Mrs. Ysco dancing the night away as they laughed and celebrated their undying friendship. Before the night was over it was clear that they had indeed picked the right theme, for the two of them are most certainly meant for one another, for life.

  • June30th

    On June 30th, we had the great honor of filming Anthony and Lauren Ysco as they exchanged their vows and cemented their story surrounded by their family and peers. The ceremony was held at the beautiful St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fullerton, California. Lauren looked amazing in a strapless and elegant dress as Anthony looked dashing and clean-cut in his Marine Corps Dress Blues. By the looks on their faces as the pastor began the ceremony, it was clear these two were the best of friends.

    The beautiful Catholic ceremony was followed by a large and welcoming reception at Case Bella in Anaheim. Decorated in yellow and white, the large dining hall was lively and full of laughter and live music from a Mariachi band as family and friends eagerly awaited the arrival of the beautiful couple. As the newlywed couple made their grand entrance, the room exploded with cheers and applause. Celebrating went well into the evening with great food, drinks and lots of dancing. All ages were represented on the dance floor as everyone danced the night away in celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Ysco. To see a preview of Lauren and Anthony’s wedding, take a look at their Trailer.

    Lauren & Anthony Trailer

    We want to thank them both for allowing us to be apart of their big day and we wish Anthony safe travels, as he heads out on deployment with the Marines not long after their honeymoon.